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Dynamic female entrepreneurs

Worthing neurodivergent business owner Lisa Kerr said she is “delighted” to be named as one of the UK’s most inspirational and dynamic female entrepreneurs for 2023 by the f:Entrepreneur ‘#ialso100’ campaign.

Lisa who founded Consulting with Kerr in 2020, is being profiled alongside 100 female entrepreneurs from across the country, as part of the campaign to celebrate the multi-achievements of women running businesses in the UK today.

Lisa is an award-winning business adviser and mentor, supporting small business owners. She developed the unique ‘Productivity 4 Profitability’ framework which looks across a whole business covering Perspective, Performance, People and Process to discover the areas where small changes can lead to the greatest success.

This year’s f:Entrepreneur ‘#ialso100’ campaign celebrates inspiring and resilient female entrepreneurs that have flourished despite the challenges of the past years. Many of the businesses featured in this year’s campaign also demonstrate a huge commitment to championing diversity and inclusion, as well as promoting sustainability.

Indeed, Lisa is also the proud co-founder of Camden Open Air Gallery, which highlights street art and gives opportunities to talented young artists who are often overlooked. But as if that wasn’t enough, on a daily basis, Lisa cares for her teenage son who has autism, ADHD and Dyspraxia and is also on a personal journey of understanding her own neurodiversity.

“Just weeks before the first Covid-19 lockdown I got my diagnosis and it’s been incredibly challenging building my business while stepping out from my own shadow. But my greatest reward is seeing my clients succeed so I’m honoured that Small Business Britain feels I’m making a positive difference”, said Lisa.

“This year I'm also training as a Certified ADHD Life Coach, enhancing the support I provide to fellow neurodivergent business owners.”

The f:Entrepreneur campaign was launched in 2017 to raise greater awareness of the impact of incredible female business owners across the country, and help provide inspiration and role models to the wider small business community. Delivered by Small Business Britain – the leading champion of small businesses in the UK – the campaign offers a host of events, training, and networking opportunities to boost skills, capability, and confidence.

Both f:Entrepreneur and Small Business Britain were founded by Michelle Ovens CBE, who is also the director of Small Business Saturday UK.

“Congratulations to Lisa Kerr, and each of the talented female entrepreneurs featured in this year’s #ialso100,” said Michelle. “It is so vital that we recognize and celebrate the phenomenal contribution that women running businesses are making across the UK, and the far-reaching, positive impact they are having, not just on the economy, but on wider communities too. The last few years have been hugely challenging for small businesses, yet despite this, female entrepreneurship continues to grow and flourish in the UK, and is very much at the heart of the UK’s recovery.”

In celebration, all of the 2023 female entrepreneurs on the #ialso100 list will gather at the House of Lords for a special event being held on International Women’s Day, for which this year, the theme is #EmbraceEquity. “I can’t wait to meet this community of brilliant businesswomen and hear about their incredible contributions and sustainability efforts”, said Lisa.

To see the full line-up of the 100 amazing women featured in this year’s f:entrepreneur #ialso100 campaign visit



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